Former Chief Copy Editor, Times of India

His pictures speak a thousand words — he clicks a 1,000 word shot in a jiffy. His words speak a 1,000 tales —- he pens his thoughts with brevity and absolute clarity. While Zahid’s working, he’s lost to the world, and yet with it. No news that hits the stands or otherwise, misses his ticking mind; no picture that’s worth being shot passes his photographic eye. Zahid is able to step into the reader’s shoe and churn out just what the world is waiting to read. You never know that he’s been working while you are finishing off that cup of tea you are having with him. He’s a mind the world should watch out for, coz I sincerely feel, with Zahid’s integrity and commitment to work, he’s got a BIG way to go!

Senior Journalist

Working with Zahid was a pleasure. He has the kind of qualities that one needs, and doesn’t often get, in journalists. He is curious about everything, believes in research, has a solid network which is essential in the business and writes in a clear, yet heartfelt manner. He will also sit over copy with patience and single-minded focus, something lesser writers think is less glamourous. If his career in recent years is any indication, he has wisely taken all those traits and made it work for himself. I continue to wish him all the best.

Editor-in-chief, Windows & Aisles

Zahid is an exceptional writer who always delivers exactly what he promises. He has a way with words and no matter how impossible the assignment, he does it justice. With an interesting style, Zahid can be counted on for his clean copy and I’ve never known him to miss a deadline. Working with him is indeed a pleasure.

Assistant Editor, The Sunday Guardian

Zahid’s love for technology comes across so clearly in his writing. His work has always been on time. It’s been a real pleasure working with Zahid and getting to know him over the last couple of years.

Issue Editor, The Man

Zahid has been a regular contributor to THE MAN since 2007, and I have always been pleasantly impressed by his ideation and creativity skills, infectious enthusiasm to write/report/cover subjects of a wide and varied nature and his willingness to always try new beats and topics of interest.

Former Editor-in-Chief, Worldstart Inc, USA

Zahid has proven himself on a regular basis to be a reliable freelance writer in multiple capacities. Digital photography, computer tutorials and interviews have all come across as professional, reputable and are received in a timely manner. His grammatical skills and pacing are also worth noting, leaving little extra work once one of his submissions hits the editor’s desk. As his editor, it is my pleasure to endorse Zahid in his endeavours.

CEO, Nucci Consulting Group, USA

Zahid is an incredible photojournalist! His shots, subject matter, variety, color, texture, location… the stories he tells through a lens are powerful. He is an amazing artist that I respect, admire and have great affection for. I am blessed to have him in my life and call him my friend!

Head, Marketing Communications, Narayana Health

Zahid has the skill of writing off-beat articles. His writings reflected the young, vibrant Bangalore city and its people that was brought about in the columns of City Reporter and 080 magazine published by Explocity. He has a keen interest in Hindi and Urdu theatre and I met him in a similar context. Zahid will surely make a mark wherever he goes and here’s wishing him all the best.

Professional photographer, USA

Truly, Zahid has great eyes in photography.


Zahid is the silent types, yet vibrant when it comes to ideas and expressing them in the right way. He has the uncanny magic of putting everything into words which I have seen in no other person. If you hate non veg food, and then you get to read Zahid’s article on why should we eat it, I bet you will become a non-vegetarian that same moment.